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    Leveraging the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive and behavioural psychology, our science based approach is transforming organisations around the globe.

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too many interruptions

Constant interruptions

It can be almost impossible to concentrate at work at times. The average office worker changes tasks every 3 minutes, loses two hours each day recovering from distractions and can spend up to 24 minutes off track before returning to their original activity.

constantly changing priorities

Conflicting priorities

With priorities which change on average 78% of the time, the average office worker spends over 4 hours each day reacting to immediate demands. Fire fighting and keeping up with BAU take a front seat as strategic initiatives get pushed into the background.

Time = Money



  • Align and inspire greatness
  • Revolutionise goal setting
  • Maximise focus and concentration
  • Craft a high performance culture
  • Reinvent performance management
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Customised courses, training and support for you or your team. By focusing on making consistent changes over a few months your learning, behaviour and results will stick.

Productivity and time management courses, coaching and programs

Discover the science


Understanding how an engine works allows you to improve its performance. The same is true for the human brain. That’s why cognitive science is shaping the way leading organisations approach, design and manage their work. Learning about the brain has been transformation for our clients, and it can be for you too.

  • Productive Client 1

    I never really thought about the limitations of the brain before, but learning about how my brain focuses, plans and prioritises has helped me become much more effective in my day-to-day, and a better leader.

    Natasha Rodrigues
    Director of IT & Excellence • Manpower

  • Productive Client 2

    Discovering there are some scientific reasons why my team and I don't naturally “focus” well in our working environment, and that there ways to overcome this has been transformational.

    Matt Vescovi
    Product Manager • ATO

  • Productive Client 3

    It was eye openning to understand why some techniques I’d tried previously hadn’t worked, and that my organisational and planning tools all have to take into account some limitations of the human brain that I previously wasn’t aware of.

    Emmet harris
    Manager • ATO

  • Productive Client 4

    I found it empowering to recognise the limitations that we have as a human being and finding a way to maximise our time and energy by working around those limitations rather than unconsciously fighting against them.

    Tony Vassallo
    Commisioning Manager • Penske

  • Productive Client 5

    Insightful and valuable. We invest a lot of time thinking about what we do at work; however Ethan got us thinking about how we approach our work. It was challenging, incisive and informative. I highly recommend it.

    John Murphy
    Commercial Director • CAMS

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The founders


Ethan Glessich

Managing Director

Ethan is a passionate entrepreneur, paragliding acrobatic pilot and former Aerospace Engineer. He believes we owe it to ourselves, our families and our society to make the most of whatever time we have been gifted on this planet. He is incredibly driven to make a positive impact in people’s lives, and believes neuroscience holds the key to building a better future for ourselves and future generations.

More about Ethan

Dr. Patricia Martos

Head of Research & Development

Patricia is a brain expert and giving, gentle soul. From a young age Patricia was driven to learn about the human brain, and after obtaining her Bachelor and Master in Neuropsychology, she went on to work in a clinical setting and complete a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. Patricia’s knowledge of the human brain has been fundamental in building kognitive’s award winning offering.

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Top 10 Australian Start-ups 2012
Management Consulting Productivity Award
Business Excellence Awards
Lord Mayors award for international opportunity
RMIT Business Plan Competition Winner

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